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This model of the HMS Victory, has been under construction for the past few years,
and most probably will be for the forseeable future few years.
Made entirely of Cherry wood, using bamboo tooth pick segments
as tree-nails to hold it all together. 
The technique is similar to that used to construct the original Victory,
though iron and steel reinforcments are used throught
the old vessel currently lying in
No2 Dry Dock at Portsmouth's Royal Naval Dockyard.

There are so many pictures taken during the process of making this model, that they are broken up into categories, shown by thumbnail icons on the right side of this page.

As the model develops, more pictures will be added. 

It should be noted that it my intent to completely duplicate each timber
used in the original construction of the Victory.  As a result,
I have limited the model to the aft section roughly covering that
part of the ship falling below the Quarterdeck.  This includes
the Mizzen mast.

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